Can you imagine the whole state of Nevada underwater? Or Italy - yes, the whole country? This is the size of the tragedy that affects my state Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil.
Severe flooding killed 151 people so far, 104 are missing, and more than 600.000 are displaced, including some relatives and friends of mine. For this reason, I’m raising funds by offering services I never did before. It’s a unique opportunity to get insights from a professional designer illustrator with more than 17 years of experience, who has worked with huge brands such as Google, IBM, Unilever, and (much) more. I can help you improve your portfolio, review your work, give you directions on your career, and offer training for creative teams.
Learn more about me here or on LinkedIn.
Portfolio Review
Let’s check your work, choose the best pieces, and fix any problems so you can better present them to the world and get better chances to be hired or get that freelance project. Technical mentorship can be included here, to improve any projects and make your portfolio shine! Time: 1 hour
Technical Mentorship
Let’s review your illustration or design work, with practical feedback to improve and learn new techniques. We can also discuss tools, budgets, contracts, and other bureaucratic matters. You can do more than one session so we can follow up on your progress. Time: 1 hour
Career Advice
Let’s talk about the illustration and design market, how to search for jobs, what to say in interviews, and what to include in your resume. A portfolio review can be included here as well, and you can schedule multiple sessions. Time: 1 hour
Portfolio Building
With a fictional briefing based on real work I made for real clients, I’ll guide you in creating a project and having experience working with deadlines and getting client feedback, and, in the end, you will have a nice project to show on your portfolio. Time: 3 hours
Personalized Mentorship
We can talk and do whatever you want, depending on your needs. We can think of a plan to reach your goals, improve your skills, and optimize your growth. You decide the approach and we go from there! Time: 1 hour
Creative Consultancy
I can guide small teams on how to improve their skills, manage hard feedback, work as a team to achieve better results, and identify the strengths of each individual. I can also guide you in mapping the creative profiles you need to fill the gaps and optimize results. Time: TBD - get in touch
Time is the suggested minimum. You can schedule as many hours as you want and we can consider a discount for longer mentorships. Send an e-mail to to discuss.
Brazilian Folks
Pagando em BRL tem desconto por incindirem menos taxas (e porque eu sei que a vida é dura em reais). Consulte.
REMEMBER: you are donating to a cause and getting services as a reward!
Or use the info below to wire transfer.
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Brazil only:
After making your donation, send an e-mail with proof to so we can schedule your time.
Note that, depending on the number of interested, it may take a few weeks to get your appointment. Also consider that we may schedule in weekends, after work hours, or nights. I have a full-time job so I’ll accommodate these services in my free time.
If you have any further questions, send me an email as well.