With +15 years of experience, I'm a multidisciplinary and very well-versed designer and artist. I'm flexible, adaptable, and creative, covering a wide range of work styles and industries. 
I worked with top brands such as IBM, Google, OPI, Unilever, Petrobras, Vivo, O Boticário, Nestlé, and others. My experience includes the following fields:
+  Digital illustration  +  Tradicional art  +  Vector  + Isometric  +  Pixel art  +  Watercolor  +  Acrylics  +  Infographics  +  Visual design  +  Lettering  +  Iconography  +  Graphic design + UI design
Feel free to reach me on WhatsApp: +55 51 992589917 or by email: aneliseschutz@gmail.com
Full professional information: Linkedin